Adelle Nqeto

Adelle Nqeto kann die leisesten Songs der Welt schreiben, wenn sie will. Doch stellen sich bei der aktuell in Berlin lebenden Südafrikanerin zwischen minimalistisch gehaltener Gitarrenmusik und breitwandigem Bandsound nach den ersten Tönen bereits Intensitätswerte ein, die sich im weiten Feld des Singer/Songwriter-Bereichs nur selten finden lassen. (Pop-Kultur 2019)

Adelle Nqeto’s music stems from a introverted, curious, observer-heart, with a passion for melody as well as story-telling. Authenticity is an integral part of Adelle’s music, as she wears her heart on her sleeve, weaving melodies and lyrics to lure the listener in to sit and ponder on everyday life. Rooted in African folk, as well as exploring Jazz, Indie and Pop sensibilities, she hopes to reveal the reality of simply being human, and remind herself, and you- how enough, and perhaps even beautiful that really is.