The Garlic We Crush

The Garlic We Crush, auch bekannt als The Garlic, ist eine alternative Rock-Band aus Berlin. Ihr Sound ist eine Fusion verschiedener Musikstile, gepaart mit Garlic, dem unverwechselbaren Stil der Bandmitglieder. Für Mitglieder ist Knoblauch ein starkes Symbol und Heilmittel gegen Krankheiten. ‘The Garlics’ sind Kinder des Jammens und bleibem ihrem Wesen treu. Das ist etwas, was man in ihren Konzerten spüren kann, wenn die Energie mächtig ist und die Dinge außer Kontrolle geraten.

The Garlic We Crush aka The Garlic, is an Alternative Rock group based in Berlin, Germany. Our sound is a fusion of different genres of music, amped up with Garlic, the distinctive styles of our band members. ‚Garlic stands for enjoying life and not caring too much about acting civilized’ tells Bas, remembering a phrase he heard once in a Documentary. For all the members Garlic is a powerful symbol and a medicinal food against diseases. Being children of jamming, ‚The Garlics’ stay true to their essence and that’s something (you can feel feel in their concerts, where the energy is powerful and things use to get out of control. All they ever plan is the set list. The rest is improvisation. It’s usual that the public throw them some Garlic cloves, and dance like it was the last day of Planet Earth. Coming from the Berlin underground scene the band has a strong ‚Do it Yourself’ Philosophy, they are manage their concerts and recordings with a lot of passion. Always believing in the project and enjoying the musical path they started years ago.

Foto: Igneo Fotografías