Bianca Ciocca + Band

Bianca Ciocca nimmt euch mit auf eine musikalische Reise in die Elektro-Tropical-World: eine organische Fusion von elektronischer Musik gemischt mit Cumbia, Reggae, Dub, Soul, Hip-Hop und Klängen aus Indien, Lateinamerika und Afrika. Mit ihren Tanzperformances und ihrer ungewöhnlich anziehenden Stimme verführt sie weltweit ihr Publikum.



“I invoke the one at the front, the Lady Guardian Selket. You, that wrap yourself around the stalk made of papyrus.
Your arts come from the heart to bring freshness and health to our people. That is why I invoke you, Selkettrip“.

Miriam Robles Alsina, born in 1992 in Tarragona. Professional stylist and dancer trained in Barcelona in more than 10 different styles of dance. Her choice, therefore is a fusion of all styles, thus creating her own, to transmit to the public each story with her own expression. Her theater-performances are bizarre and different due to the strange mix and wide range of elements with which she plays; fire, light, juggling, sabrers, fans, fabrics, hoops…. She also incorporates her own creations in her wardrobe and accessories for her performances. In Selkettrip, tribal fusion and oriental dance are highlighted, since she has more than 15 years of experience in these styles. She is pure essence, a combination of passion and undefined art. The gypsy Zingana Selkettrip, has her place between the East and West, dancing through life without leaving anyone indifferent to her pass